Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kuching Isthmus

Kuching Isthmus- It may sounded strange and alien for some people, even for some Kuchingites too. Mostly, they doesn’t know the existance of this small parcel land. Most people doesn’t even realize when they passes through this small place.

Generally, Isthmus means “a narrow piece of land with water on both sides, that connects two larger areas of land” according to Longman Doctionary of Contemporary English. But In Malay, Isthmus means Segenting. So, In Malay, Kuching Isthmus means ‘Segenting Kuching’. But, if its translated directly in English, then it would sounded funny because ‘Kuching’ means Cat. Cat’s Isthmus??? So, that is why Kuching Isthmus was choosen to name the piece of land instead of ‘Segenting Kuching’.

The location- It is situated situated after the Tambak Pending and before crossing the Sarawak River Barrage. I hope after this, Kuchingnites will be more aware of their surrounding. At present, the Borneo International Convention Centre can be seen clearly if you drive through this isthmus to Bako. Before this, Kuching Isthmus was a village and in early 1990’s, the village had to be moved for the developement.

What are there in Kuching Isthmus? There will be a convention Centre; Borneo Convension Centre. Cost for building it?? RM200,000,000! Apart from the convention centre. This sic hectare isthmus will form part of a new marina, shopping mall and hotel developement. The his will be a new centre for Kuching. The new centre’s enviromentally conscious design is inspired by the surrounding rainforest jungle. The roof structure of the Convention Centre is shaped in the form of a leaf which plays an important role in the local indigenous cultures.

Also, there will be a tower; Kuching Tower. Some sources claimed that the state of art building will be 39 storey high. But, some other sources said that it will only be build 32 story high, but still it will be the tallest building in Borneo. Anyway, it will still become the tallest building in Borneo anyway. Steal the throne of Tun Mustapha Tower in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (30 storey high, 122m).

Kuching Tower:
  • Status: Under Construction.
  • Construction period: 2009-2011 (aprox.)
  • Floor count: 39
  • Building uses: Mixed
  • Structural Types: High Rise
  • Architechtural Stule: Futurism
    Material: Concrete, glass.

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